About Fullfunnel.io

Are you a B2B Tech or service-based company that sells complex products, has a long sales cycle and looking for a model that leads to predictable business growth?

Then you are in the right place.

At FullFunnel.io, we partner with B2B Tech and Service-based companies. We'll:

Join your team as external marketing advisors

Develop a customized go-to-market strategy

Set up a mix of inbound lead generation campaigns

Document and train your marketing & sales team how to do it themselves

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Since 2006 we focus only on working with B2B companies with complex products and long sales cycles.

Fullfunnel.io mission is helping B2B tech and service-based companies to develop a full-funnel marketing system that predictably scales revenue, and to train marketers who understand the nature of complex sales and have the necessary skill set to grow a business.

This fact helped us to be nominated in a top integrated marketing agencies ranking by DesignRush in 2019 and 2020, and 9+ best B2B SaaS marketing agencies by Apollo Digital.

To deliver on this promise we offer:


Managed B2B marketing services

We help B2B Tech and service-based companies growing revenue via customized go-to-market strategy and managed marketing sprints


Full-Funnel academy

We offer full-funnel B2B marketing academy and training programs to train marketers that know how to grow B2B businesses with complex sales cycles.


Hands-on B2B marketing articles

We bring you in-depth B2B marketing, lead generation content on our blog, podcast and newsletter read by marketers from Zoho, Siemens, Tribe 47 and  Topdesk.

Companies we helped to grow

How we help B2B tech companies to scale revenue with a full-funnel approach?

Here is a breakdown of our process.

1. Marketing audit

We start with the marketing audit and roadmapping to figure out:

  • What are the best channels and campaigns to hit your revenue target
  • What should be fixed and improved in the existing lead generation process (existing bottlenecks)
  • What challenges we might face
  • What resources (budget, team, tools) do we need to succeed

2. Growth sprints

We develop minimal viable funnels and prepare 2-4 weeks of marketing sprints to get tangible results quickly. These sprints include:

  • Set up lead nurturing campaigns to increase sales-qualified opportunities and shorten the sales cycle
  • Leverage LinkedIn to build up a relationship and warm-up target accounts, and establish your company as a market expert
  • Develop and run an account-based marketing program to generate enterprise customers 

3. Go-to-market strategy

We create a customized go-to-market strategy according to your growth stage and objectives, and detailed marketing plan so you can see a bigger picture.

4. Playbooks and training

We document processes and train your marketing and sales teams so they can reiterate campaigns without our help.

All come in the format of consulting, workshops, and on-demand online trainings. 

Meet Our Team

Co-founder. Senior B2B marketing consultant

Andrei Zinkevich
Vladimir Blagojevic


Vladimir Blagojevic

B2B marketing consultant

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