If you are looking for the #1 full-funnel B2B marketing podcast, you are in the right place.

Every week Fullfunnel.io founders Andrei Zinkevich and Vladimir Blagojevic sit down with B2B marketing and sales leaders to discuss all things related to B2B marketing: from developing and executing account-based marketing programs to deal expansions.

Andrei is running full-funnel series where he discusses with B2B marketing thought leaders like Matt Heinz (Heinz Marketing), Chris Walker (Refine Labs), Kieran Flanagan (Hubspot), Sujan Patel (Mailshake), Jon Miller (DemandBase), Dennis Yu (Blitzmetrics) practical case studies about full-funnel B2B marketing strategy, demand generation, lead nurturing and account-based marketing (ABM).

Vladimir is running an Executives series where he discusses with CEOs of B2B tech companies their perspective on what influences the decision-making process inside their organizations, how they think about sales and marketing processes, how they make strategic decisions and hire talents.

Full-funnel B2B marketing podcast listeners are protected from a high-level advice and fluff conversation. Every episode is thoroughly edited and full of value.

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What listeners say

“I’ve been following Andrei and his content for several months. This guy brings the top-notch experts to share their B2B experience. I can tell that only by following him, I was able to increase our company sales to the stars.”

Juraj Zambosky

Head of Growth at Avocode

“Andrei is the only person in Marketing who’ll give it to you straight when it comes to marketing, especially the technical parts. While everyone else focuses on fancy growth hacks, Andrei will teach you the fundamental systems you need.”

Stapho Thienpont

Head of marketing at Bothrs

“Andrei is a master of his trade and, as it seems, he met a lot of interesting people along the way. The focus on the practical takeaways is especially helpful if you not only want to listen to something cute but instead get into action and make the provided knowledge work for you.”

Karl Karafiat

CEO at Sleighdogs

“Andrei is a genius at producing quality b2b content at scale. And this podcast is no exception – it’s jam-packed with actionable items that you can appy right away. Way to go man! P.S. Oh, and by the way, this podcast is a very good example of lead generation via content marketing:)”

Dan Gridin

CEO at Swotme

“Amazing work! Great interviews from top marketers – this is THE go-to podcast if you want to grow your company!”

Guillaume Moubeche

CEO at lemlist

“I like the questions Andrei asks his guests. They are the type of questions that keeps a lot of marketing managers and VPs up at night. “how do you structure your team?”, “when do you know if you hear someone new?” “who to hire next and why?”…”

Jorn Vanysacker

VP of marketing at Intuo