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We train and guide your B2B marketing and sales teams to connect, engage & win deals with target accounts, create a stable demand for your product and accelerate growth.

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  • Go-To-Market Strategy

Develop buyer-centric marketing processes to grow faster.

We’ll work with you on defining the market segments with the highest potential, creating a crystal clear ICP, including account segmentation and qualification criteria, adapt your marketing & sales to the way your customers are buying and create a value proposition that clearly differentiates you from the competition and resonates with your buyers.

  • Account-Based Marketing

Identify, engage & win target accounts with the highest intent to buy.

We’ll help your team integrate account-based marketing into daily marketing and sales operations to identify target accounts with buying intent, engage & create awareness inside the buying committee, run account research to create personalized pitches and value propositions, and generate opportunities via creative outreach.

  • Demand Generation

Create awareness and demand for your product in your target market.

We’ll train and coach your team how to leverage the right content, niche thought leadership, social engagement, virtual events and dedicated content hubs to create awareness, capture the demand from engaged accounts and generate opportunities with them without spammy outreach.

B2B companies we helped to grow

Some of our clients that successfully implemented full-funnel account-based marketing strategy

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B2B Marketing Content Hub: Guides and case studies

  • B2B demand generation
  • Ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • B2B demand generation
  • Ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • GTM strategy

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Ready to see how Full-Funnel Marketing can drive growth for you? Schedule a free strategy session where we’ll focus on:

  • Discovering the bottlenecks that prevent business growth

  • Identifying growth opportunities

  • Figuring out the best solution according to your ICP, market, budget and resources

“I contacted Andrei to help me to improve an Account-Based Marketing strategy for a client and his expertise on the topic surprised me. I did a couple of ABM courses before, and talking with him one hour helped me more than these 2 courses together.”

Adrián Abad Garcés

Marketing Manager at Vatix