We train and guide your marketing and sales teams to connect, engage & win deals with target accounts and create a stable demand for your product.

Integrate our full-funnel marketing framework to accelerate your growth and get ahead of competition.

Trusted marketing partner for European and North American B2B tech companies

Results You Can Expect

  • Phase 1: Two weeks

Audit, Alignment and Marketing Planning

We start engagement with your company by diving deeply in your business. It includes:

  • Learning about your target market and how your customers are buying
  • Audit of marketing and sales processes and activities to identify funnel leaks and growth bottlenecks
  • Skill assessment to identify missing functions and create a custom marketing plan according to existing resources (skill set & budget)
  • Team alignment on goals, challenges and bottlenecks, priority channels, campaigns, content, and roles & responsibilities
  • Integrating new marketing activities into existing marketing plan and operations
  • Developing a marketing performance dashboard (marketing impact on revenue)
  • Phase 2: Quarter sprints

Implementing the full-funnel marketing framework

During the quarter sprints, we train and work closely with your marketing and sales teams on:

  • Developing or refining your go-to market strategy
  • Launching ABM (account-based marketing) campaigns to generate opportunities with target accounts
  • Creating awareness and demand via virtual events, thought leadership, podcast & market research
  • Capturing demand and accelerating pipeline via personalized content hubs and social selling
  • Phase 3: Ongoing support & training


After implementing the full-funnel framework, we provide advisory, training and consistent support to your team to:

  • Scale full-funnel operations across your teams
  • Refine processes and campaigns
  • Launch campaigns in new markets or new verticals
  • Implement new tactics to accelerate revenue
Tom Verbruggen

“After two months, we started selling to the new, most profitable segment, closed 5 deals (5x higher ACV), got an investment and a renewed enthusiasm in our team.”

Tom Verbruggen

CEO, iDronect

Growth sprints to accelerate your revenue


Sprint includes:

  • ICP development
  • Account list building, segmentation and qualification
  • Adapting unique value proposition to target segments
  • Account research and prospecting
  • Warm-up & reactivation campaigns
  • Pilot activation campaign
  • Campaign analysis and improvements


Sprint includes:

  • Profile optimization
  • Account list building, segmentation and qualification
  • Diversified content strategy
  • Network strategic growth
  • Tracking engagement and intent data to identify warm accounts
  • Demand capturing
  • Social selling


Sprint includes:

  • Market segmentation
  • Ideal customer profile development
  • Customer interviews
  • Customer journey and buying process
  • Positioning and unique value proposition
  • Content strategy
  • Channel strategy
  • Client success process
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Marketing plan development


Sprint includes:

  • BOFU content analysis
  • Creating a missing BOFU content (case studies, comparison reports, etc)
  • Installing sales enablement software
  • Training sales to leverage content hubs to capture the demand and follow up with warm leads


Sprint includes:

  • Planning and orchestrating pilot virtual event or market research campaign
  • Developing and executing promotion
  • Analyzing, segmenting and qualifying captured contacts
  • Setting up and running activation campaign to qualified warm accounts


Sprint includes review and analysis of:

  • ICP
  • Positioning and unique value proposition
  • Ads
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Content quality
  • Sales enablement
  • Interview with sales and marketing teams
  • Roadmapping interview with a senior executive
  • Marketing plan development


Our growth sprints begin at $15,000USD.

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“You helped our team to implement account-based marketing and demand generation programs that helped to generate 9 sales-qualified opportunities, close 3 enterprise deals with 10x ACV.”

Dimitri Kustov

CMO at Postindutria