Full-Funnel B2B Marketing Consulting 

for tech and service companies with complex and long sales cycles

After two months, we started selling to the new, most profitable segment, got an investment and a renewed enthusiasm in our team

Tom Verbruggen

CEO, iDronect

Want to predictably fill your pipeline with qualified sales opportunities from your dream list of clients — without mass outreach or paying for ads?

Stop doing lots of marketing activities that don’t lead towards a sale.

We partner with B2B Tech and Service-based companies by:

  • joining their teams as external marketing advisors,
  • running a marketing audit to find and fix your business bottlenecks
  • developing a customized go-to-market strategy,
  • setting up a mix of account-based marketing, inbound marketing, lead nurturing and social selling campaigns,
  • document and train your marketing & sales teams how to launch and perform the campaigns 

We help your team to shorten the sales cycle, increase the deal close rate and average deal value, and as result, consistently grow revenue.

As a result, you'll have a growth engine that works without external help.

Trusted by (companies we helped to grow)

Work with us to:

  • Grow your revenue, not just generating leads
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Consistently generate meetings with your target accounts

We started working with Andrei when we realized that we need a predictable source of leads to grow our business. Since we’re a mature company, we didn’t need just startups with FFF-funding, We wanted to develop our market positioning and get larger contracts with top companies. 

Andrei explained all the mechanics and was very helpful providing his feedback and review of our results on every stage. In particular, I’d note his knowledge of tools, LinkedIn platform, and a complete end-to-end understanding of the marketing in general. That allows him to apply the concept in your particular case with a “big picture” in mind.

We paused the project after 3 months when COVID hit the world, but we continued the path we laid out. As a result, we were able to generate qualified leads from these specific activities.

- Konstantin Mirin, CEO, Postindustria (SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY)

Industries we serve

Since 2007 we are serving only two verticals: B2B Tech and service providers that sell high-ticket complex products. You’ll get access to our 30+ years in total of niche expertise from working with 100+ companies.

If your company belongs to any of these industries, we can help to grow your business.

Francesco Stasi

CEO, Jatana 

Andrei is a thought leader in the marketing space and the results he achieved speak for themselves.

I enjoyed working together with Andrei while improving our overall out/inbound strategies and we developed a relationship above the simple professional level.

A great person always focused on giving before taking.

8-step full-funnel process we use to grow your business

What you’ll get by working with us and implementing full-funnel marketing approach

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Increase the ROI of marketing (revenue, not leads)

Often, B2B marketing is a lot of effort for little results. An incomplete process that generates awareness, but no leads. Or generates leads that don’t convert.

Full-Funnel Marketing approach completes the process with ROI-boosting elements.

The table illustrates how the approach helps you avoid the usual ROI-eroding challenges. You will also be able to limit or completely eliminate spending on ads, events or expensive trade show stands.

Marketing was a mystery to us. We were getting  referrals, and our company was slowly growing, but we didn't feel confident that our pipeline won't dry up at any moment.
We were also positioned as experts in a specific technology, and as time passed, this space became more and more commoditized.

With Andrei's help, we managed to change our  positioning within a few months of working together. Something I thought would take us much longer to achieve , which led to a complete makeover of our sales materials and processes.

Although we didn't kick off any new inbound
campaigns, these changes alone got us to the
point of 50% growth in our MRR over the last
six months.”


Consistently scale revenue by generating sales-ready leads, shortening the sales cycle, increasing average deal value and the deal close rate

You will increase your average deal value by:

  • Generating sales opportunities with top tier, ‘dream accounts’ - check out this case study to see how a single campaign targeting 30 top-tier account generated 12 warm opportunities totalling $300K
  • Being able to stop giving discounts to close deals. Your warm-up programs will prepare the leads and make them aware of your value and uniqueness, and you will qualify the leads, so you’re sure they are a good match and so you can align the value of your product with their specific situation and needsY

You’ll be able to increase your team’s sales yield (without growing your sales team) by generating sales-ready leads.

  • You'll stop wasting your and your sales team's time talking to wrong leads or leads with no intention to buy.
  • You will shorten the sales cycle and increase your deal-close-rate by communicating to the different members of the buying committee, and arming your champions to sell your solution internally to their boss and their colleagues. 
  • Finally, you can stop your offers and proposals disappearing in a ‘black hole’ after sending them to your champions at your target accounts

In my 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, this was the most useful, the best proven ROI, and the easiest to implement marketing action I have ever taken...

Vlad helped us generate 160 sales opportunities with decision makers in companies like BMW, Total and BASF in only 3 months... and unlike with any other approach I tried, these leads were warm and in the right mindset for the solutions we offer.

- Wouter Goris, CEO, Ready2Improve

Revenue Benefits

For your marketing and sales teams

  • Align marketing and sales to work together on hitting the revenue quota
  • Clear metrics to track the marketing performance
  • No more guessing and trying different things in hope something will work. You’ll get a done-for-you, detailed marketing plan that includes solutions to existing bottlenecks and contains campaigns to hit your next revenue quota. You and your team will know exactly what to do, and hit the ground running — with ROI from the start 
  • Your marketing and sales team will be consistently educated and improving their skill-set by working closely with and getting access to 30+ years of our B2B marketing experience. We’ve also built a library with 121 units with detailed video instructions, templates, examples and anything else you need to implement an effective full-funnel marketing approach.

For your business

  • Never hurt your brand with cold outreach again
  • Get more out of your existing network and customers
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Become more attractive to investors
  • Establish your company as a niche expert
  • Consistently increase the LTV of your customers
  • Minimize churn rate
  • Increase average deal value
  •  Get ROI from start

Learn more about the process

It’s almost impossible to answer all the questions you might have, so we have created a content hub that includes:

Full-Funnel Marketing Workshop

You'll get an access to the Less Leads, More Revenue Workshop that describes our approach


Which marketing approach will get you the best ROI? Check an overview of traditional marketing approaches.

Growth Sprints

Check the growth sprints we implement with clients, and what results you can expect

Case Studies

Get access to practical detailed case studies and see what kind of results our customers are getting

Svetlana Kotenko

CEO, FoodEx, Ukraine 

We reached out Andrei to help us create an effective marketing strategy. 

Andrei figured out new profitable market segments, improved our Unique Selling Proposition and repositioned our company. 

We implemented RFM-analysis, post-sales service, reactivation campaigns and created new marketing plan focused on my personal branding. That's how "A day of successful businessman" podcast appeared.

As a result of a new marketing strategy, PR and inbound marketing in a half of year we achieved:

  • Monthly revenue growth by 40%
  • System approach to marketing
  • Got the reward as the best healthy food delivery service in 2017
  • I was included in rating The 500 most influential women in Ukraine

How we’ll work on your project


Intake questionnaire

The first step is an intake questionnaire to learn more about your business, challenges and goals.


Free Strategy Session

If we are a good fit, we'll schedule a strategy session where present several ideas how to grow your business and attain your goals.


Marketing Audit And Roadmapping

Before a long-term engagement, we do a marketing audit and roadmapping. The delivery includes recommendations on how to solve your business bottlenecks, detailed marketing plan, marketing stack and resources.


Project execution

Project execution includes a close work with your marketing and sales team on demand and lead generation, office hours, weekly Zoom meeting, growth sprints, and training.


Our growth sprints begin at 7.500 EUR per 6 weeks sprint and 5.000 EUR per marketing and sales audit.

Let’s Have A Chat

Let’s have a quick call to better understand your situation and recommend the best-fit solution for your challenge. We’ll focus on:

– Discovering the bottlenecks that prevent business growth

– Identifying growth opportunities

– Figuring out the best solution according to your ICP, market, budget and resources

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