We train and work with your B2B sales and marketing managers on generating qualified sales opportunities from a list of target accounts, increase deal value and shorten the sales cycle to hit your next revenue milestone.

Companies We Helped Grow


Opsfleet // Founder

50% growth in our MMR over the last six months

Marketing was a mystery to us. We were getting referrals, and our company was slowly growing,  but we didn't feel confident that our pipeline won't dry up at any moment. With Andrei's help, we managed to change our positioning within a few months of working  together, which
led to a complete makeover of our sales materials and processes. Something I thought would take us much longer to achieve.

Although we didn't kick off any new inbound campaigns, these changes alone got us to the  point of 50% growth in our MRR over the last six months.”

Why FullFunnel.io?

1. Scale revenue with full-funnel marketing

We create a mix of marketing campaigns that generate awareness, position you as a natural choice to your best clients, nurture and generate qualified leads, retain and expand business with the existing customers.

As a result, you’ll connect to warm, sales-ready prospects aware of your unique value, shorten your sales cycle and increase your win-rate.

Check out this case study to see how a single campaign targeting 30 top-tier account generated 12 warm opportunities totaling $300K.

2. Increase ROI of your marketing and your team with done-with-you services

We not only create the ROI-focused go-to-market strategy and set up marketing campaigns, but also document and train your marketing and sales teams, so they can reiterate them without our help.

We’ll immerse your team in continuous coaching and learning via our full-funnel academy: a constantly updated educational platform with proven strategic, cases and tactics.

They’ll be building the necessary skill-set to grow B2B businesses with long and complex sales cycles, because, as the founder of CXL Peep Laja says: The difference between high-growth and slow-growth companies is the skill sets they have to make it happen.

3. Focus on 20% of actions that deliver 80% of results

We start with a systematic, in-depth review of your sales and marketing and your online presence to identify and fix the big leaks in your sales funnel — instead of finding new ways to pour more water (leads) into a leaking bucket.

As a result, you get a tailored marketing plan consisting of 20% of actions that will create 80% of results. You know what will work for your company, instead of relying on guess work and having to test different channels and tactics

4. Start small and with ROI from the start using Minimal Viable Funnels

A Minimal Viable Funnel is a concentrated effort to fix the biggest leaks in your marketing and sales funnel—while generating results that build confidence and momentum in your team.

We teach your team and help to set up a mix of account-based marketing, inbound marketing, lead nurturing and social selling activities to create a growth engine that will work without external help.

5. Build traction and momentum in your team with marketing sprints

To get the traction as quickly as possible, you’ll get a detailed 2-4 weeks of small-scoped marketing sprints created by our team.

These sprints help to get market feedback quickly, see what works, improve marketing messages to develop campaigns and processes that consistently generate revenue.

6. Marketing and sales alignment

We work tightly with the marketing and sales team to align them around revenue and key business goals, ideal customer profile, target accounts and lead scoring criteria which helps us to consistently hit your revenue quota and operate as one Revenue Operations team.

7. Experience in your niche

While we could help many B2B business, since 2007 we focus exclusively on two verticals: high-value B2B tech (enterprise SaaS, blockchain technology, hardware) and service-based companies (software development, consulting, cybersecurity, DevOps as a service, etc).

We were and still are “in trenches”, know the lowdown of these businesses, so you’ll get access to our 30+ years of our combined experience and knowledge.

Wouter Goris

CEO, Ready2Improve

“In my 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, this was the most useful, the best proven ROI, and the easiest to implement marketing action I have ever taken...

Vlad helped us generate 160 sales opportunities with decision makers in companies like BMW, Total and BASF in only 3 months... and unlike with any other approach I tried, these leads were warm and in the right mindset for the solutions we offer.”

Светлана Котенко

Svetlana Kotenko

CEO, FoodEx

As a result of a new marketing strategy, PR and inbound marketing in a half of year we achieved:

  • Monthly revenue growth by 40%
  • System approach to marketing
  • Got the reward as the best healthy food delivery service in 2017
  • I was included in rating The 500 most influential women in Ukraine

Book a free strategy session

If you’re not yet getting enough ROI from your efforts to connect with potential clients, it could be time to evaluate the full-funnel marketing approach.  

To find out if the full-funnel approach is right for your B2B tech or service business, schedule a free strategy session. We’ll give you honest assessment of how you can start predictably fill you pipeline with qualified sales opportunities from your dream list of clients.


Case study

Learn how we created a go-to-market strategy and made $300k in sales opportunities from one marketing campaign. In this case study you’ll see:

  • How to stop prospecting hundreds of leads that ignore you, and discover how one campaign, when done right, can outperform 100's of growth hacks and tactics.
  • How to define champions inside your target accounts who will happily promote your company and arrange meetings with CEOs.
  • 3 tiers lead generation framework that helps to get maximum ROI from your marketing campaigns. 

How to create a predictable and scalable B2B lead generation and sales system

63% of B2B marketers report that their biggest marketing challenge is to generate traffic and leads (according to the State Of Inbound report by HubSpot).

40% report that they struggle to provide the ROI of their marketing activities.


Here are the most common reasons.

  • Operating as one-size-fits-all / absence of unique value proposition. Marketing runs generic marketing campaigns trying to cover maximum market segments with a universal marketing message while sales run the same generic outbound campaigns, playing the game of numbers and hoping to get the meeting.
  • Marketing and Sales teams aren't aligned around revenue. Marketing focuses only on the awareness activities and ads, and don’t help sales to close more deals or hit the revenue quota.
  • Focus on the decision-makers only. Marketing and sales focus solely on the decision-makers and don't engage with other people who influence the decision-making process. They lose momentum and ignore the fact that usually 5-7 people influence the deal.
  • Absence of client success program. Instead of focusing on retention and expansion marketing and sales switch their focus on generating new leads.
  • The same approach to all prospects. If one company can generate 10x, 25x or 50x more revenue, why they “deserve” the same approach? Lots of B2B marketing and sales teams ignore this and deliver the same message to the entire market.
  • Absence of warm-up and nurturing programs.
  • The sales process is company-centric. Marketing and SDRs try to generate meetings with paid acquisition and cold outreach ignoring the readiness to buy and the way how do customers usually buy the same products.

It took us 10 years to develop the twelve-step framework to create a predictable, scalable, and efficient lead generation and sales system.

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