6-Week ABM

An actionable account-based marketing playbook and training to consistently land sales opportunities with your dream clients in 6 weeks or faster

Cut through the noise and get busy decision makers to respond to your campaigns without spammy outreach, wasting money on enterprise tech stack or expensive ip-based advertising, and significant shifts in the company’s organization.

The account-based marketing strategy and campaigns we are sharing in this playbook can be executed by a team of 2 people (1 marketer + 1 sales) on a Ramen budget.

In the time it takes to write an in-depth article, you could run ABM campaigns that instantly add $1000s to your sales pipeline and land sales opportunities with dream accounts.

You know how important it is to land new dream accounts to accelerate revenue…

You want to launch predictable campaigns that generate meaningful meetings with the buying committee of big whale accounts without having to spend too much money, and then close deals faster…

You want to see marketing impact revenue and move the needle…

But here you are, running generic ads that promote demo calls that turn to no-shows, gated e-books or webinars that don’t convert to sales, desperately trying to cut through the noise and get busy decision makers to respond to your campaigns, and having a consistent feeling that marketing is underperforming.

You either heard about account-based marketing (ABM) or tried it… but chances are it didn’t work for you.

ABM is full of myths and harmful advice created by enterprise MarTech vendors whose goal is to sell their expensive software.

Myths like:


You need an expensive tech stack and 6-figure budget to invest


Army of copywriters to write a unique, exclusive content for every buying persona from dream accounts you want to do business with


Your company should be advance and mature to launch ABM


All campaigns are long plays and require big teams and heavy time investment, that makes you feel it’s not scalable

None of these is true.

We’ve launched campaigns with a $5k budget and generated $300k in sales pipeline with just 2 people (Andrei as marketer and 1 SDR from a client’s side) in North America.

We are in trenches every day and run ABM campaigns for Fullfunnel.io. When we just started, Vlad alone executed a pilot campaign in 6 weeks and $300 that generated 5 qualified opportunities and 1 sales from 20 target accounts. 

Our clients consistently generate sales-qualified opportunities with dream accounts without significant shifts in their marketing and sales teams or heavy investments.

“After 2 months, we grew the deal-close rate, shortened the sales cycle and 5X the deal size and closed a new investment round.”

Tom Verbruggen

CEO, iDronect

“I'm implementing the campaigns and methodologies for our clients and using it now for our own growth.  There are very people in our industry that deliver as much value as Andrei and Vlad, so thanks for being thought leaders in this community!.”

George Guerra

CEO, Profitable Clients

I didn’t learn ABM from the ebooks of Hubspot, DemandBase or other martech vendors. I started executing since my first corporate job at Kimberly Clark in 2007 without realizing it was called account-based marketing :).

Since that time we’ve tested and polished the ABM approaches in different industries (30+ in total): B2B manufacturing, B2B SaaS, Hardware, high-ticket services as software development, DevOps as a service, team performance coaching of corporate execs, etc.

Now we have documented the process and want to share it with you.

Introducing 6-Week ABM Playbook

You’ll get an actionable training, templates, process maps and a clear step by step plan on how you can implement ABM for different tier leads with the resources you already have. It is focused on the strategy, timeless principles and actionable campaign steps instead of generic, high level advice or tools that might become obsolete quickly.

After completing the playbook, you’ll have a minimal viable ABM Machine that generates sales-qualified opportunities with your target accounts in 6 weeks or less.

The ABM Machine is a name we gave to a process to laser-target your best-fit accounts, warm them up, and use researched, personalized campaigns to connect and qualify them. It works on a Ramen budget without organizational shifts, fancy enterprise tech stack and expensive LinkedIn and IP-based ads.

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Questions We Are Covering In The Playbook

  • How to identify and focus on the 20% of accounts that will generate 80% of revenue, referrals and case studies
  • Adapt your messaging to become an irresistible choice to your target accounts
  • How to define the right goals for your ABM campaigns (lead generation, expansion, activation, renewals) and develop playbooks you can share outside of marketing department
  • How to warm-up, connect to and qualify your target accounts, so you know if they're buying - and so you can personalize your pitch and make it 100% relevant to their current priorities and challenges.
  • How to adapt the contents to different personas from the same organization
  • How to orchestrate and execute pilot ABM campaigns from scratch
  • How to get buy-in of executives and sales
  • How to onboard sales and develop a sales playbook
  • How to measure, refine and scale ABM to other verticals or markets
  • The best warm up and activation playbooks that beat the industry average reply rate

After Implementing The Playbook You’ll


See a better engagement with prospects and more meaningful conversations

Meetings with DMs

Generate meetings with decision makers at big whale accounts


Deliver on revenue targets working cross functionally with teams

Grow pipeline

Grow the sales pipeline with high-quality sales opportunities

Clear actionable plan

Have a clear plan to land deals with a select group of ideal companies

Marketing results

See a significant lift to marketing results generating game changing new biz revenues

Here’s what clients and students are saying

Tereza Grill

ABM Lead @Revolgy

7 opportunities from a pilot campaign

We ended up with 7 opportunities from our Baltic campaign :) So pretty good.

Thorstein Nordby

Managing director @nettly.co

I have run an agency for 6 years, and I think I understand ABM very well. I still learned a ton from Andrei's and Vladimir's 6-week ABM course.

The course material is very actionable, with a lot of playbooks you can actually implement either for your own business or for your agency clients. The course does a great job of simplifying a topic that many marketers like to overcomplicate. There is none of the fluff you find in most other courses or blog articles online, and I would highly recommend signing up even if you're an experienced marketer.

Andrei Kasyanau

CEO @Glorium Technologies

Several SQOs with target accounts from a pilot campaign

Andrei helped us to define the most promising market segments, narrow our positioning, and define a value proposition. As well, we learned our key clients buying and decision-making processes and figured out how to influence them.

We switched to an account-based marketing model, which helped us to generate several sales opportunities with target accounts.

Playbook Agenda


Part 1: The ABM strategy
  • The key elements of ABM strategy
  • Developing ideal customer profile
  • Tier segmentation and disqualification
  • Positioning
  • ABM goals and playbooks


Part 2: Warm up programs
  • Podcast playbook
  • Market research playbook
  • Virtual events playbook


Part 3: Activation playbook
  • Account research
  • Direct mail follow-ups
  • Sales playbook


Part 4: Pilot project planning
  • Orchestrate your first campaign
  • Build an account list
  • Get an executives and sales buy-in
  • Sales training


Part 5: Pilot project execution
  • Project dashboard
  • Refine and improve


Part 6: Scaling ABM
  • Documenting processes
  • Scaling to other areas
  • Embedding ABM into marketing and sales processes

It's a well-structured course that provides all the details about launching ABM campaigns

Ricardo Ghekiere, Head of Paid Social @Upthrust

Who is this course NOT for

6-Weeks ABM Playbook isn't a "one size fits all" program. I want to provide a list of segments I think course is not for.


Mass-market low ticket SaaS


B2C and e-commerce


Coaches, bloggers and marketing influencers

What's Included

6-Weeks ABM playbook comes with short, actionable training videos, templates and worksheets

18 training videos

Get a lifetime access to short, actionable training videos and all future updates.

6-Weeks Launch templates

You'll get access to 4 actionable, orchestrated for you campaigns:

  • The direct mail campaign
  • The connect & qualify campaign
  • The podcast campaign
  • The market research campaign
Worksheets and dashboards

We provide you with all the worksheets and dashboards you need to launch a pilot campaign:

  • Ideal customer profile template
  • Account research template
  • ABM campaign dashboard
  • Pilot campaign presentation for executives
  • Phone follow-ups template
  • Account qualification template
  • Campaign analysis template

what students are saying

Agnieszka Kapuscinska

Product marketing @Revolgy

Improved success rate of our campaigns

Andrei provided our team with all the know-how we needed to successfully re-design our account-based marketing and sales processes, improve the success rate of our campaigns and provide our customers with a much better experience throughout their entire buyer's journey

Prasanna Katre

Growth @Vymo

Clarity amidst ABM noise

It helped me get clarity amidst of lot of ABM noise with no substances elsewhere on the internet. My concepts are crystal clear and I am confident that this will help me in running my ABM campaign for my company.

James Randolph

Copywriter @Kohesion marketing

Clear structure to run a first ABM campaign

If you're like me, you know you need to try ABM, but you lack the structure to win buy-in from skeptical stakeholders. Andrei and Vlad provide a clear structure to run your first ABM campaign and to continually refine your ABM strategy.

Meet The Instructors

We’re Andrei Zinkevich and Vladimir Blagojevic, with 30 combined years of experience in B2B marketing and sales, working with 100+ B2B companies across the globe. 

We launched multiple ABM campaigns in different industries and are marketers in trenches.

Andrei Zinkevich
Vladimir Blagojevic

In 6 weeks, you’ll install a process to predictably fill your pipeline

with sales-ready opportunities from your dream accounts


You won’t need to send thousands of cold messages, run ads, hang out for hours every day on LinkedIn or keep experimenting with new growth hacks


You won't have to fight hard for every deal


Your team won’t have to go "all hands on deck" and squeeze all the juice out of your network to generate some opportunities


You won’t even have to generate more leads…


You’ll be able to cut through the noise and get busy decision makers to respond to your campaigns, fill the pipe with the right, qualified sales leads and predictably hit revenue quota

Get your 6-Week ABM Playbook for $249

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

The course is made for small to medium size B2B tech and service companies with long and complex sales cycles. Mastering ABM and running the “ABM machine” consistently over time will help:

  • Marketers to prove your value to the business, and eventually become a sought-after marketer that can really move the needle 
  • SDRs and AEs to confidently and consistently hit and exceed your sales quota, earn the reputation of a top performer and be in demand
  • Founders and executives to accelerate revenue and product growth, land brag-worthy customers, and prove traction and growth to their board 
  • B2B marketing consultants, trainers and agencies to consistently create massive impact on my clients' business and become a sought-after expert that can really move the needle

Why is it only $249?

Most courses are at least $500 and many are in thousands. What's the deal?

We believe that learning should be affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

To sell expensive courses, many authors promise huge results, build their course out to be a silver-bullet, one-size-fits-all solution, and create false scarcity… which honestly makes our skin crawl.

Our hope is that you’ll like the playbook and recommend it to other people that could benefit from it.

And did I mention that we are from Eastern Europe, where people hate to pay big bucks for a course? 😉 

How long will it take to see results?

We’ve created a 6-week action plan for 2 people (working 1-2 days a week) to set up a working pilot campaign. Some people get it done even faster.

 But it ultimately depends on how fast you get started and how much action you take.

 And addressing different ABM goals, and then optimizing, scaling and growing your ABM machine is an ongoing process. 

What will I learn in this course?

You'll learn a proven process to cut through the noise and get busy decision makers to respond to your campaigns, fill the pipeline with the right, qualified sales leads and predictably hit revenue quota. It works on a Ramen budget without organizational shifts, fancy enterprise tech stack and expensive LinkedIn and IP-based ads.

It's the process we've developed and tested in projects with about 30 B2B tech and services companies with long and complex sales cycles. 

What's missing in this course that those other courses charge so much for?

There is no high production value here: no cameraperson, a set, or a big budget.

We’re not sitting in a rented mansion or high rise luxury building to make ourselves look cooler, wealthier, or more interesting than we really are.

We’re shooting from our home offices in Split, Croatia and Valencia, Spain. 

Why the heck should I listen to you? Who are you?

We’re Andrei Zinkevich and Vladimir Blagojevic, with 30 combined years of experience in B2B marketing and sales, working with 100+ B2B companies across the globe.

Andrei is also the founder of B2B Marketers & Founders community and an author of @LinkedIn B2B Marketing Inbound book (awarded as the best B2B marketing ebook and was included to 100 Best B2B Marketing Books of All Time by Bookauthority).

Vlad’s been rated 4,74/5 by 50 verified B2B tech and service companies with long and complex sales cycles over the last 5 years.

We launched multiple ABM campaigns in different industries and are marketers in trenches executing ABM for our company Fullfunnel.io. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

for 30-Days

If what you see is not what you expected, just reply to the download email

within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Thanks for reading,
Andrei and Vlad