A comprehensive B2B marketing training and Slack community for B2B marketers who care about revenue and want to move the needle.

The most important question when you are launching a new campaign:

Do I actually know what I’m doing and how it will help us to generate revenue?

It’s crucial because after asking that question you have two choices:

1. Ignore the inner “No” or “I’m not sure” and push the launch...until a failed campaign that didn’t generate sales opportunities will provoke that question again.

2. Or you can answer that question with a firm “YES”, and forget about it when you see how your skills are growing and how instead of being pigeon holed as marketer, you’re also involved in the strategic decisions and developing revenue operations.

In just 1 week Full-Funnel Academy revolutionized how we look at complex b2b sales at Bothrs. I've managed to make myself absolutely irreplaceable for my company. Not only that, I've positioned myself as a coach and support for people in sales and for the people in our spin-offs.

Normally our founders do the strategic stuff mostly between the two of them, but now that one is on leave, I've been asked to replace of them in the quarterly strategy week. Meaning I've been trusted to help make decisions on the highest level.

Instead of being pigeon holed as marketer, I'm also very involved in the building the sales operations (from outreach sequences to building sales pipelines and buying committee nurturing).

Allowing me to grow into a true full funnel marketer

– Stapho Thienpont Head of marketing @Bothrs



Lose hours trying to figure out what competitors are doing and copying without understanding their go-to market strategy and sales process...


Jump from one tactic to another you’ve seen on Facebook marketing communities that promised results but actually don’t move the needle in your company...


Try to follow “best practices” by gurus that share high-level advice without a clear, actionable plan leaving you guessworking and experimenting...

Then you might have some idea of what works and what doesn’t. Occasionally.

But when a head of sales, CEO or your client challenges the campaign you launch, can you firmly defend it? Or you are going red-face while trying to explain that “they don’t understand how it works…”?

If those frustrating internal meetings were the worst part…

The worst of it usually happens several weeks after launching the campaigns you were so thoroughly planning and preparing.

With all these pushes on LinkedIn, Adwords and Facebook ads, emails with the creative personalized images, fancy landing pages, applying all the best practices from the blogs of the thought leaders…

You feel pretty confident and excited at the beginning, but several days later after checking the empty Hubspot’s dashboard and consistent claims from sales that “leads” that downloaded the ebook you put so much efforts in are low-quality and have no intent to buy, your enthusiasm start plummeting giving a place to the annoying question:

Am I sure I’m doing the right things?

Without the B2B Full Funnel framework we couldn't land this client. We first did a paid audit. Then a paid workshop and now they have a B2B strategy/framework that they can use for their own marketing and we can make a proposal for consultancy/ads management.

The internal marketeer for the company was already setting up a lot of tools (phantombuster, leadfeeder, lemlist, salesnavigator,...) so he was bit experienced in the opportunities. but with your, guys, courses we could set clear audiences and give them a framework and connect the dots.

Thanks for the Academy so far! Really interesting and, I’m enjoying it.

Finally, I found courses that are not “let's put up some slides and sell it for 997 dollars” (you know those gurus) :).

So thank you very much!


If you are guessing what campaign to launch to help sales land more sales opportunities and contribute to revenue, you’ll never stop asking yourself that question.

You’ll always be considered as “an expense” and be a victim of your sales team.

And you’ll always be a person who gets the most attention when it comes to the pipeline and revenue revue meetings, not because of the results, but because of their absence.

Of course, you’ll be defending yourself but the gut feeling will be always asking you if the things you are doing are worth defending…

And, honestly, that’s understandable.

B2B marketing is not taught at schools and colleges.

There are lots of blogs that give you high-level advice or try to sell you own software without giving a clear idea of how to implement the things at your company. Especially, if you are targeting mid-size or enterprise companies where you need to deal with a long sales cycle and multiple people inside the buying committee.

You realize that the fancy “growth hacks” and the guides about growing revenue by 150% you’ve seen in the Facebook communities are just the stories that work for small low-ticket SaaS companies....

And that you actually need to create the demand because your target market is not actively buying...

And your target decision-makers are bombarded by the same messages and ads, so they simply ignore you…

Unless you know how to cut through the noise.

Which brings us to the FULL-FUNNEL ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING which is a systematic approach to B2B marketing from creating demand to expanding the deals with the existing customers.

The most successful full-funnel B2B marketers know that sales-qualified opportunities and revenue are the last steps of the methodical process.

Process that ensures you understand exactly how to:

Develop a clear go-to market strategy including the most promising verticals, ICP, and adopted positioning and unique value proposition

Generate demand and awareness among target accounts

Warm-up, nurture and activate target accounts

Help sales to land sales-qualified opportunities with sales enablement

Grow ACV and shorten the sales cycle

Expand the deals and prevent the churn

You do full-funnel marketing when you understand:


go-to-market strategy
How to develop a go-to-market strategy for complex B2B business with multiple decision makers and long sales cycles, including market segmentation, ideal customer profiling, and mapping how your customers actually find, evaluate and buy a solution like yours.


POsitioning and Value proposition
How to position your company and your products as a natural choice for your ideal clients, and develop a unique value proposition that sets you apart from your competitors.


How to run successful inbound and lead generation campaigns to drive awareness, generate demand, and build relationship with target accounts.


How to leverage intent data and track buying signals for highly personalized and timely outreach.


How to influence the sales process to shorten the sales cycle, close more deals and increase the average deal value.


How to do an account segmentation the right way and plan campaigns and budget accordingly to the revenue potential of your target addressable market.


How to define what bottom of the funnel content you'll need to influence everyone involved in making a buying decision.

This webinar explains exactly the ins and outs of growing complex B2B businesses.

Honestly, doing full-funnel B2B marketing can seem to be… extremely hard.

But there’s no better way to learn this through doing while getting advice from people who are every day in the trenches getting their hands dirty with account-based marketing and sales.

Which is why we created a Full-Funnel Academy.

We created Full-Funnel Academy for B2B marketers who want to move the needle in their companies and want to execute NOW.

B2B marketers who need proven information about what works and what doesn’t

B2B marketers who want to contribute to revenue and not satisfy own ego with vanity metrics.

From B2B marketers that spent 30 years in total growing complex B2B businesses.

Introducing Full-funnel B2B marketing academy

We know that marketers love courses but the truth is that you have a limited time. That’s why all our courses are short and actionable.

When you enroll, you share with us your priorities and goals, and receive a custom learning plan, so you can learn, implement and get results fast.

Aside from the courses, you'll get access to the slack community where you can get feedback to all ongoing B2B marketing questions.

Every two weeks we are hosting qa sessions which never leave you stuck with any b2b marketing challenge you might face.

Training and templates
Private Slack community
Biweekly QA sessions

I sold a Marketing Audit according to the Full-Funnel model to the fire security prospect,and the advice of Vladimir Blagojevic and Andrei Zinkevich was instrumental to close the client.

This project is a foot in the door, and they expect me to keep working with them post-audit.
Before I used to embed audits within my PPC/funnel retainers. So I’d work for free during the first month = stupid. Now I get paid good money for formulating a plan that will help me execute for them later.

So grateful to the course and community!

– Mony Chhim – founder, monymakerz.com

Fullfunnel.io is a major source of knowledge and the primary professional community for our B2B consultancy. The material is very actionable: deep and at the same time very straight-forward, step-by-step… designed to be implemented easily.

I love the Fullfunnel-take on ABM: it is free of the big-tech-hype and proves that SMBs can use ABM with tiny budgets and resources - a refreshing perspective! 

A huge treasure for us the the Fullfunnel community - a place where you get access to the genius of Andrei Zinkevich and Vlad Blagojovec and many other practicioners of ABM.

– Daniel Zsolt Rényi – ceo, Klear

I’ve landed a new career opportunity and joined an enterprise B2B SaaS as Chief Revenue Officer.

I have been using a lot of the things I learned from you, guys, in order to close it successfully, so I'm super grateful for that. t's kind of my dream project: a funded startup with market fit on scale-up stage.


After a week of going through the program and a week of putting these tools in front of clients, it has created a more solid win-win relationship that starts with a real base of knowledge for the consultant that never existed before doing just done for you services. The big transformation for us has been going from service providers in a very commoditized marketplace to genuine stewards of the business growth for our customers, which has always been the vision.

All the details, templates, scripts, processes, and workflows are laid out elegantly so that it really becomes a turnkey system for the consultants. Not just that but the best practices in the program are quick and easy to implement.

Andrei and Vlad are so active in the community and are there to answer the most difficult and detailed questions you’ll have on your journey. I’ve found them to be active and personable in every step of the way.

– GEorge guerra – Founder @ProfitableClients.com

Enroll in the academy now


6-weeks ABM
LinkedIn allbound playbook
Positioning and unique value proposition
Full-funnel GTM Strategy

Developing a demand generation and content strategy

Leveraging webinars for B2B lead generation and nurturing

How to influence the decision-making process

Marketing planning and growth models

Hands-on cold outreach

How to leverage intent data for a timely outreach

How to run marketing and sales audit to identify growth bottlenecks

Client success and expansion campaigns

List building and automated prospecting cadences




More than 150 hours of B2B marketing lessons

Templates and worksheets

Dozens of templates, worksheets and process maps

Slack community

Exclusive Slack community to answer all your questions

Niche knowledge

Dedicated to B2B with a focus on marketing mid-size and enterprise accounts

Here’s what students are saying

– Adrian Garces –

Marketing Manager, Vatix

Full-Funnel academy is the most complete B2B marketing academy I ever saw. It provides you with a lot of practical knowledge that covers all the stages of the B2B funnel: from the foundations such as market segmentation, to sales and client retention. If you want to learn to do B2B marketing in the right way, this academy will really expand your knowledge and skills

– Payam Taghizadeh –

Marketing lead, Healthblocks

I was used to a large organisation with huge budgets. I needed to learn how to grow a company without wasting thousands on ads, but by nurturing and being super focused on my ICP. After implementing Full-funnel approach I'm seeing better conversion rates and building ourselves as thought leaders
The Slack community is very active and I know if I need something, it's either already been asked and answered, or I can just shoot a question and someone is willing to help me!

- Barbara Modic -

Marketing consultant

Full Funnel courses gave me a step by step approach to improve B2B marketing. Besides handy templates and videos, Andrei and his team are available to ask questions and can spare you a lot of time with instant advice.


  • Market segmentation and ICP template
  • Customer Development workbook
  • The buying process template
  • Templates and examples of Linkedin connection requests, messages and outreach emails that worked for our clients
  • LinkedIn profile optimization template
  • Content strategy
  • Marketing audit playbook and report
  • B2B marketing dashboard including the sales pipeline velocity calculator
  • Growth models you can copy and apply to your business
  • 4 actionable, orchestrated for you ABM campaigns that take 6 weeks to execute from scratch
  • Account research template
  • ABM campaign dashboard

… and 30+ more downloadable worksheets, templates and guides for A-level execution (with more coming in 2021!)

This is a guided program that helps you build and improve our current marketing approach in a very hands-on way. Thanks to the videos and templates, this is something we'll be able to use and iterate on in the long term, and it allows you to follow the program at your own pace.

For me personally, the program really gave me a big motivation boost and new inspiration for growth. Being the only marketer in our company, I sometimes miss the feeling of being able to spar with others who have the same expertise field. The feedback and the opportunity to ask questions is really valuable, and I feel like I've learned a lot from this program.

– Mieke houbrechts – MARKETING MANAGER, CUMUL.IO

As a freelance copywriter, I always seek to improve my market research system, the ICP and the buyer persona, something especially complex in B2B. I entered the academy to learn more about this.

Now I have a broader and deeper vision of the entire process of prospecting, segmentation and capturing leads in B2B with better performance.

Full-Funnel Academy teaches a very detailed and practical methodology for each phase of lead acquisition and sale in B2B. The best thing is that they present new, original ideas and procedures, not seen anywhere else … simply because they invented them.

Someone said that when you are the smartest in the room … you are in the wrong room. At Full-Funnel Academy I find the Aha moment constantly because I am surrounded by people at a really high level. Constant learning here. 

– Patricio Fernandez – FOUNDER, Prodest Copy

Full-funnel approach polarizes the audience from the beginning.

If you want to build a reputation and engage with smart decision makers from your dream clients list - this is for you. If you want to spam people and believe in “numbers games”, look somewhere else or (better) think deeper about your approach :)

In the Allbound LinkedIn Playbook Andrei and Vlad show the step by step process how to get content ideas, how to find your target companies and people inside them and how to interact with them. They even have 6 questions formula for creation perfect testimonial or support your clients to prepare them for you!

I highly recommend this product if you are ready to do valuabe work and you care about your reputation.

– Tomasz Maciejewski – Linkedin trainer & founder, Content Way

I wasn’t sure which strategy really works with Linkedin Campaigns. Should I go with the direct approach by pitching my offering or focs on building relationships and adding value. Choosing between quantity and quality was the real challenge for me.

As a result of focusing on quality of my engagement with my prospects and delivering value, I started building better connections and closed my biggest B2B deal yet.

The Academy’s content is the result of years of experiments by Andrei and Vlad. They has been there, done that and they truly hold the expertise in Marketing to share their learnings with us making it easier for us to understand and execute the marketing strategies that work. 

– Rennu SHARMa – Growth Consultant at Salesprocess.io

Who is this course NOT for

Full-Funnel Academy isn't a "one size fits all" program. Here is who would not be a good fit:


Mass-market low ticket SaaS


B2C and e-commerce


Coaches, bloggers and marketing influencers



LIVE QA Sessions

Every 2nd Friday you can join a live QA on Zoom and get a detailed review and feedback from Andrei Zinkevich.


Connect and chat with fellow full-funnel B2B marketers from all around the globe.

Hop into a discussion anytime you want to brainstorm the marketing campaign, get feedback on your sales page or troubleshoot why target accounts don’t reply to your campaigns.

Meet The Instructors

All courses are created by Fullfunnel.io founders, Andrei Zinkevich and Vladimir Blagojevic, who spent 30 years in total growing B2B businesses.

We both live and breathe B2B marketing since 2006. After working on multiple consulting projects together, we decided to combine our experience and set up Fullfunnel.io in 2017.

We are sharing all the experience we gained by being in trenches and share behind the scenes of campaigns like:

Andrei Zinkevich
Vladimir Blagojevic

Get ACCES TO ALL 13 training courses and slack community for 797 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Academy for?

The course is made for marketers and SDRs from B2B tech and service companies with long and complex sales cycles. As well, for B2B marketing consutlants and agencies.

Mastering and running Full-Funnel B2B marketing campaigns we teach in the academy consistently over time will help:

  • B2B marketers prove your value and brand yourself as a sought-after marketer in your industry
  • SDRs to get meetings with warm leads and earn the reputation of a top performer 
  • Consultants, trainers and agencies to brand themselves as the go-to expert in their niche

Why sell 13+ courses at a price of one?

Most courses are at least $500 or $697 and many are in thousands, and you are selling 13 actionable courses for 797 EUR. What's the deal?

We believe that learning should be affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

To sell expensive courses, many authors promise huge results, build their course out to be a silver-bullet, one-size-fits-all solution, and create false scarcity… which honestly makes our skin crawl.

Our hope is that you’ll like the playbook and recommend it to other people that could benefit from it.

And did I mention that we are from Eastern Europe, where people hate to pay big bucks for a course? 😉

How long will it take to see results?

It ultimately depends on how fast you get started and how much action you take.

But inside the academy you will find playbooks that can be run in as short as 6 weeks. 

What will I learn in the Academy?

With the Full-Funnel academy, you will get proven information about what works and what doesn’t. You’ll learn how to contribute to revenue instead of vanity metrics.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • Develop a clear go-to market strategy including the most promising verticals, ICP, and adopted positioning and unique value proposition
  • Run successful inbound and lead generation campaigns to drive awareness, generate demand, and build relationship with target accounts
  • Run various account-based marketing plays that land warm opportunities with dream accounts
  • Leverage intent data for highly personalized and timely outreach
  • Leverage LinkedIn to build a personal brand and relationship with your audience, grow a powerful network and consistently generate sales qualified leads by leveraging a simple daily 1-hour routine
  • Warm-up, nurture and activate target accounts
    Influence the sales process to shorten the sales cycle, close more deals and increase the average deal value
  • Expand the deals and prevent the churn

    It's the process we've developed and tested in projects with about 30 B2B tech and services companies with long and complex sales cycles. 

What's missing in this course that those other courses charge so much for?

There is no high production value here: no cameraperson, a set, or a big budget.

We’re not sitting in a rented mansion or high rise luxury building to make ourselves look cooler, wealthier, or more interesting than we really are.

We’re shooting from our home offices in Split, Croatia and Valencia, Spain. 

Why the heck should I listen to you? Who are you?

We’re Andrei Zinkevich and Vladimir Blagojevic, with 30 combined years of experience in B2B marketing and sales, working with 100+ B2B companies across the globe.

Andrei is also the founder of B2B Marketers & Founders community and an author of a LinkedIn B2B Marketing book (awarded as the best B2B marketing ebook and was included to 100 Best B2B Marketing Books of All Time by Bookauthority).

Vlad’s been rated 4,74/5 by 50 verified B2B tech and service companies with long and complex sales cycles over the last 5

We are sharing all the experience we gained by being in trenches and share behind the scenes of campaigns like:

1. ABM campaign that generated $300k and had 37% reply rate with $5k budget

2. Demand generation campaign that generated 9 sales-qualified opportunities and 3 deals with 10x ACV 

3. Virtual event campaign that generated 34 sales-qualified opportunities and 5 deals

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

for 30-Days

If what you see is not what you expected, just reply to the download email

within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Thanks for reading,
Andrei and Vlad