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The most important question when you are launching a new campaign:



Ignore the inner NO or I’M NOT SURE and push the launch… until a failed campaign that didn’t generate sales opportunities will provoke that question again

Or you can answer that question with a firm YES, and forget about it when you see how your skills are growing and how instead of being pigeon holed as marketer, you’re also involved in the strategic decisions and developing revenue operations

“In just 1 week, the Full-Funnel Academy revolutionized how we look at complex B2B sales at Bothrs. I’ve managed to make myself absolutely irreplaceable for my company. Not only that, I’ve positioned myself as a coach and support for people in sales and for the people in our spin-offs.

Instead of being pigeonholed as marketer, I’m also very involved in the building of the sales operations (from outreach sequences to building sales pipelines and the buying committee nurturing).

Allowing me to grow into a true Full-funnel marketer. Normally, our founders do the strategic stuff mostly between the two of them, but now that one is on leave, I’ve been asked to replace him in the quarterly strategy week. Meaning, I’ve been trusted to help make decisions on the highest level.”

Stapho Thienpont

Head of marketing @Bothrs


Lose hours trying to figure out what competitors are doing and copying without understanding their go-to market strategy and sales process…

Jump from one tactic to another you’ve seen on Facebook marketing communities that promised results but actually don’t move the needle in your company…

Try to follow “best practices” by gurus that share high-level advice without a clear, actionable plan leaving you guessworking and experimenting…

Then you might have some idea of what works and what doesn’t. Occasionally.

But when a head of sales, CEO or your client challenges the campaign you launch, can you firmly defend it? Or you are going red-face while trying to explain that “they don’t understand how it works…”?

If those frustrating internal meetings were the worst part…

The worst of it usually happens several weeks after launching the campaigns you were so thoroughly planning and preparing.

With all these pushes on LinkedIn, Adwords and Facebook ads, emails with the creative personalized images, fancy landing pages, applying all the best practices from the blogs of the thought leaders…

You feel pretty confident and excited at the beginning, but several days later after checking the empty Hubspot’s dashboard and consistent claims from sales that “leads” that downloaded the ebook you put so much efforts in are low-quality and have no intent to buy, your enthusiasm start plummeting giving a place to the annoying question:

“Am I sure I’m doing the right things?”

If you are guessing what campaign to launch to help sales land more sales opportunities and contribute to revenue, you’ll never stop asking yourself that question.

You’ll always be considered as “an expense” and be a victim of your sales team.

And you’ll always be a person who gets the most attention when it comes to the pipeline and revenue revue meetings, not because of the results, but because of their absence.

Of course, you’ll be defending yourself but the gut feeling will be always asking you if the things you are doing are worth defending…

And, honestly, that’s understandable.

I sold a Marketing Audit following the Full-Funnel model to a fire security prospect, and the advice of Vladimir Blagojevic and Andrei Zinkevich was instrumental to close the client.

This project is a foot in the door, and they expect me to keep working with them post-audit.

Before, I used to embed audits within my PPC/funnel retainers. So I’d work for free during the first month = stupid. Now I get paid good money for formulating a plan that will help me execute for them later.

So grateful to the course and community!

Mony Chhim


B2B marketing is not taught at schools and colleges

There are lots of blogs that give you high-level advice or try to sell you own software without giving a clear idea of how to implement the things at your company. Especially, if you are targeting mid-size or enterprise companies where you need to deal with a long sales cycle and multiple people inside the buying committee.

You realize that the fancy “growth hacks” and the guides about growing revenue by 150% you’ve seen in the Facebook communities are just the stories that work for small low-ticket SaaS companies….

And that you actually need to create the demand because your target market is not actively buying…

And your target decision-makers are bombarded by the same messages and ads, so they simply ignore you…

Unless you know how to cut through the noise.

Which brings us to the FULL-FUNNEL ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING which is a systematic approach to B2B marketing from creating demand to expanding the deals with the existing customers.

The most successful full-funnel B2B marketers know that sales-qualified opportunities and revenue are the last steps of the methodical process.


Develop a clear go-to market strategy including the most promising verticals, ICP, and adopted positioning and unique value proposition

Help sales to land sales-qualified opportunities with sales enablement