An actionable LinkedIn playbook and training to develop a revenue-generating engine without cold outreach and expensive ads, that takes only an hour per day to run

Build a personal brand and relationship with your audience, grow a powerful network and consistently generate sales qualified leads by leveraging a simple daily 1-hour routine.


Gaetano Di Nardi - Director of Growth Marketing at Nextiva

Most B2B marketers and salespeople tend to think about LinkedIn as a place for prospecting and outreach.

Unfortunately, the widespread abuse and unbelievably LAZY spam tactics have created a numbing effect to most content consumers on LinkedIn, who are browsing the platform everyday to gain knowledge and expand their network. The good news - this gives incredible opportunity to companies who do the opposite.

For the past 2 years I was growing Sales Hacker as VP of Marketing and building amazing relationships with our community and prospects primarily via the help of inbound marketing on LinkedIn.

This book from Andrei is one of the most comprehensive guides on how to start LinkedIn Inbound marketing from scratch, build a rich network of peers, prospects and influencers and ultimately building trust with your target audience while yielding a stable flow of high-quality B2B leads.

The beauty of it all?

Once you get into a rhythm of providing value every week, it's like you don't even have to try. It just happens naturally.

I would absolutely recommend this book for anyone seeking to step up their Inbound Marketing strategy on LinkedIn in 2018 and beyond.

In the time it takes to set up automation, send hundreds of outbound connection requests, pray somebody will reply and, finally, talk to the “leads” that aren’t buying — or post random content that generates likes, but no opportunities... could develop a revenue-generating Allbound routine on LinkedIn that presents you as a trusted advisor instead of yet another self-serving sales rep, generates inbound leads, builds relationships and lands sales opportunities with dream accounts.

You know how important it is to have a personal brand, powerful network and build a relationship with your target audience.

You want to accelerate prospecting and generate sales-qualified leads at scale without hurting your reputation.

You want to warm up and nurture target accounts, but LinkedIn ads quickly burn through thousands of dollars without generating much of a result.

But here you are, sending hundreds of connection requests and messages that are ignored, sharing the content that generates some engagement from friends and colleagues, engaging with the content of influencers and prospects, desperately trying to cut through the noise and generate opportunities, while having a consistent feeling that your prospecting and lead generation processes are broken.

If you’ve already spent some time on LinkedIn, the chances of you being totally confused by the advice on LinkedIn marketing and sales are very high.

Advice like:


Build your personal brand
While this is good advice, unfortunately it usually doesn’t include a clear step-by-step plan on how to build your brand, turn it into sales opportunities — nor how to “measure” your personal brand. You end up enviously looking at the profiles of well-known thought leaders thinking you need thousands of likes, views and followers (you don’t).


Consistently share the content and deliver value (and the leads will come)
Even if you have a 100% buy-in and are ready to start, the chances you’ll end up with questioning yourself “What content should I share to get results?” and “When I’ll see the results?” are very high. Or if you’ve tried, you may still not be seeing the engagement nor inbound inquires you were hoping to get.


Set up automation, reach out to as many people as possible, and enjoy “leads on auto-pilot”
While it seems to be a low-hanging fruit, it’s the easiest way to get a lifetime ban from LinkedIn and earn a reputation of “yet another self-serving sales rep”. In a best-case scenario, you quickly burn through your market, and end up with “leads” that join the call out of curiosity but with no intention to buy.


Build a relationship with your audience
Building relationships matters, because people buy from people they know, like and trust. The only problem here is: how to build relationships with your target accounts without being salesy?

Here is a brutal truth:

While these advices are good on a high-level, what if you don't have time to consistently share content and hang out on LinkedIn?

What if creating and sharing more posts on LinkedIn, publishing more articles, engaging with all the content that is shared doesn’t lead you to more revenue?

The truth is that you don’t need to hang out on LinkedIn all day long, have 10.000+ followers, send hundreds of messages, praying that someone will reply — nor burn through the budget with expensive LinkedIn ads.

I started in 2017 (at the time the company was called Getleado) with just a handful of connections (colleagues from my last job). I never sent any spammy cold messages or connection requests. Instead, I devoted about an hour a day and was consistently landing sales-qualified opportunities.

This process was initially documented and described in the LinkedIn Inbound Marketing book which was published in 2020 and was nominated in the top-100 B2B marketing books of all the times by Bookauthority.

In the beginning of 2021 I still had less than 10.000 followers and still devoted only an hour a day. But thanks to continuously leveraging the proven process, I was able to:

1. Consistently generate 3-5 high-quality inbound leads each week
2. Get invites to the most popular and authoritative podcasts & conferences in the B2B marketing and sales space

Like “B2B GROWTH” a podcast with 4M+ downloads by SweetFishMedia, Nathan Latka’s “The Top” podcast with 10M+ listeners, The ABM Conversations podcast by Yaag Ganesh, the Product-led growth summit and the Ad World conference (with 50K+ attendees and speakers like Seth Godin, Mindvaley’s head of marketing, and

3. Being associated with the top influencers and featured at the top resources as Sales Hacker, CXL and Smart Insights.

Introducing the Hour-a-Day LinkedIn Allbound Sales Machine

You’ll get an actionable training, templates, process maps and a clear step-by-step plan to leverage LinkedIn to become the go-to expert in your niche, cut through the noise and engage busy decision makers, without cold outreach or expensive ads.
It’s focused on the strategy, timeless principles and actionable campaign steps instead of generic, high level advice or tools that might become obsolete quickly.
After completing the playbook, you’ll have a daily 1-hour habit that builds your brand, engage and connect to your best clients, without hurting your brand, spending a penny on ads or burning out your market.

Jens Polomski

Marketing Director, IMAscore

LinkedIn is my favorite Platform for new Business and getting connected on a professional level. But I´ve noticed that not many company’s use it to their optimal potential.

If you want to build up your LinkedIn Channel be sure to grab the B2B LinkedIn Content Marketing book. It’s a book that gives you straight things you can do instead of just telling you what other people might did.

It will give you tactics that are short and easy to understand to step up your LinkedIn Channel!

Stacey Danheiser

CEO, Shake Marketing Group

As a B2B marketing professional and business owner, I’m always interested in learning about how to reach and connect with prospective customers.

LinkedIn has long been the “go to” for business professionals, but there isn’t much comprehensive training to help salespeople and marketers learn how to do it the right (effective) way.

This e-book delivers exactly that! It’s a step-by-step guide that is easy to read, simple to understand and most importantly...actionable!

The authors give great examples and tell you how to take advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer. It’s a must read for anyone in a B2B leadership, sales and marketing role.

Marek Kich

CEO, X-Coding IT Studio

Social selling has been a very popular word lately. It's not a surprise, that like any trend, it is exploited, which can be seen on Linkedin.

Usually the results are terrible. You can almost sense some dishonesty going on in your feed. That's because people are looking for quick wins and not for a strategy or changing own behavior.

This book teaches you different. It shows you, that being human and being natural are the two principles that get you anywhere.

So, my recommendation is "read it, follow the rules, share your story and get the best possible outcome

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Questions We Are Covering In The Playbook

  • How to avoid the analysis paralysis, focus on the right things right from the beginning and build the confidence that the strategy will work?
  • How to build a simple content strategy and write content that will resonate with my network, attract more attention and gain authority?
  • How to avoid guessworking and testing with content and videos, properly align your knowledge/offer with the interests of the target and write REALLY well?
  • How to build a powerful network of high-quality business contacts that could turn into partner, potential clients, or mentors?
  • How to start conversations with my target market without spammy cold outreach?
  • How to generate inbound inquiries via LinkedIn?
  • How to get replies to my messages?
  • How to convert conversations into sales opportunities?
  • How to optimize my profile to generate more inbound inquiries?
  • How to develop an effective daily routine for prospecting investing just 1 hour per day?
  • How to align marketing and sales in terms of sharing insights and taking turns following up with leads?
  • How to leverage the LinkedIn algorithm to get more organic reach and engagement from the target audience?
  • How to build legitimate branding and positioning with your vertical while not becoming an "influencer" and not having to live on LinkedIn to get the desired results?

After Implementing The Playbook You’ll

Grow your brand

You’ll become a trusted advisor and a thought leader for your target audience without thousands of followers

Boost Engagement

You’ll see a better engagement with prospects and more meaningful conversations

Generate sales-qualified opportunities

Generate meetings with decision makers at big whale accounts

Know, Like & Trust

Your target audience will start to know, like and trust of your expertise and value you can create for them

Grow pipeline

Grow the sales pipeline with qualified, warm sales opportunities

Have a daily routine

Create a daily habit that builds your brand, engage and connect to your best clients

Here’s what clients and students are saying

Gery Slov

Founder, GerySlov

This Guide is a MUST read for all B2B business and agencies!

This guide is so comprehensive that it covers all the questions about marketing that a B2B Business has!

Dan Smith

Director, Doogheno Limited

I thought I'd just quickly scan through this book but it's packed full of actionable advice so I read it properly.

I knew some of the things, others were new to me and all of it well written, easy to understand and incredibly helpful.

The things I didn't know or just haven't done are now being put into practice and I expect them to bring results.

Eleanor Goold

Founder, Kreativ Copywriting

A comprehensive and indispensable guide.

Well-thought out, valuable and engagingly written, this book contains all you need to know and more about B2B inbound marketing on LinkedIn.

The Playbook Table Of Contents


Part 1: The Client-centric marketing
  • Company-centric marketing and the naive funnel
  • Misconceptions about sharing content, personal branding and building relationships
  • Client-centric Allbound marketing
  • The allbound LinkedIn funnel


Part 2: Demand generation setup
  • Diversified content strategy
    & LinkedIn algo
  • How to sell the pilot project to your executives
  • Team set up & alignment
  • Develop a map of informational needs (MON)
  • Develop a content plan


Part 3: Profile optimization
  • Core elements of LinkedIn profile
  • How to write about and job role section
  • Skills + testimonials


Part 4: Growing LinkedIn network
  • 4 types of audience you’d connect with
  • How to grow your audience
  • Intent data to grow your network
  • How to build target lists


Part 5: Warm up & nurture target accounts
  • Non-sales touches
  • Building relationships
  • Keep an eye on engagement & buying signals


Part 6: Flip outbound to inbound
  • Capture the audience that might be interested in your product with case studies
  • Start sales conversations without cold pitching
  • Repurpose nurturing content


Part 7: Campaign launch
  • Weekly pillars
  • Daily routine
  • Key metrics to track
  • Monthly report and campaign analysis


Part 7: Next steps
  • Next steps


Part 7: Bonus unit
  • Content creation best practices
  • Post generation tool
  • Tech stack + automation best practices

Aazar Ali Shad

Co-Founder & CMO -

LinkedIn engagement and social selling are the biggest hurdles in my business. I’ve been posting my content on LinkedIn for a while but had no success.

I was looking for a place where I could find all those learning and hacks. I’ve read several blogs but this guidebook is the most comprehensive one.

In this whole book, the copy writing tips and LinkedIn Pods are the winner. I’ll recommend it to all the B2B marketers to read and implement it.


Because LinkedIn is the most under-utilized tool and this book tells you how to maximize LinkedIn platform and generate leads with valuable social conversation. Time to implement this guidebook right now

Victoria Kravchenko

Co-Founder, UA2EU Doing Business Globally

A great step by step manual to start conquering LinkedIn.

Clear and very attentive to details authors deliver their experience with checked tools, tested approaches and examples.

They insist that we should decide when to post business engagement texts and when to write about our personal life.

I will certainly use all this information in my everyday work routine for my clients who trade globally and use LinkedIn as one of lead generation tools.

And yes, everyone with Li profile can considerably enhance it with this manual recommendations.

Dawood Khalid

Business analyst, Infosys Dubai

The information shared in this guide is taken after experiments like peeling linkedin to its core.

 complete and comprehensive read with a great insight expanding your horizon purely from b2b point of view.

Who is this course NOT for

The Hour-a-Day LinkedIn Allbound Sales Machine isn't a "one size fits all" program. Here is who would not be a good fit:


Mass-market low ticket SaaS


B2C and e-commerce


Coaches, bloggers and marketing influencers

What's Included

The Hour-a-Day LinkedIn Allbound Sales Machine comes with short, actionable training videos, templates and worksheets


Get a lifetime access to short, actionable training videos and all future updates.


You’ll get:

  • Templates and examples of connection requests and messages
  • Profile optimization template
  • Content plan & report template
  • 200 searchable post examples broken into post types
  •  Template and examples of the content framework you can use to create a daily stream of relevant posts that will engage your audience while branding you as a go-to expert

Meet The Instructors

We’re Andrei Zinkevich and Vladimir Blagojevic, with 30 combined years of experience in B2B marketing and sales, working with 100+ B2B companies across the globe. 

Andrei has published the LinkedIn Content Marketing book (awarded the best B2B marketing ebook and was included in 100 Best B2B Marketing Books of All Time by Bookauthority).
We are using LinkedIn daily to develop our business, are helping clients leverage LinkedIn in different industries and are marketers in the trenches.

Andrei Zinkevich
Vladimir Blagojevic

Install a daily 1-hour habit that builds your brand, engages and connects to your best clients


You won’t need to send thousands of cold messages, burn out your market and hurt your brand


You won’t need to run ads, hang out for hours every day on LinkedIn or keep experimenting with new tactics


You won’t need to have to prove your value to your prospects or give discounts to close deals


Your team won’t have to go "all hands on deck" and squeeze all the juice out of your network to generate some opportunities


You’ll be able to cut through the noise and get busy decision makers to respond to your messages, fill the pipe with warm, qualified sales leads

Get your LinkedIn Allbound Sales Machine Playbook for $125 $249

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

The course is made for small to medium size B2B tech and service companies with long and complex sales cycles. Mastering LinkedIn and running the “Allbound Sales Machine” consistently over time will help:

  • Marketers prove your value and brand yourself as a sought-after marketer in your industry
  • SDRs and AEs to get meetings with warm leads and earn the reputation of a top performer
  • Entrepreneurs, to create awareness of your products and services and generate warm opportunities
  • Consultants, trainers and agencies to brand themselves as the go-to expert in their niche

Why is it only $249?

Most courses are at least $500 or $697 and many are in thousands. What's the deal?

We believe that learning should be affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

To sell expensive courses, many authors promise huge results, build their course out to be a silver-bullet, one-size-fits-all solution, and create false scarcity… which honestly makes our skin crawl.

Our hope is that you’ll like the playbook and recommend it to other people that could benefit from it.

And did I mention that we are from Eastern Europe, where people hate to pay big bucks for a course? 😉

How long will it take to see results?

Once you get the foundations right (about 1-2 weeks), it will take about 30 days of concentrated daily effort of about 1 hour to start seeing significant results.

But it ultimately depends on how fast you get started and how much action you take.

What will I learn in this course?

You'll learn a proven process to build your brand, engage and connect to your best clients, without cold outreach or expensive ads.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • How to get more engagement on your LinkedIn posts
  • How to start conversations with your target market without cold outreach
  • How to generate inbound inquires via LinkedIn
  • What kind of content will resonate with your network
  • How to get replies to your messages
  • How to convert conversations into opportunities
  • How to optimize your profile to generate more inquires
  • How to develop an effective daily routine for prospecting

    It's the process we've developed and tested in projects with about 30 B2B tech and services companies with long and complex sales cycles. 

What's missing in this course that those other courses charge so much for?

There is no high production value here: no cameraperson, a set, or a big budget.

We’re not sitting in a rented mansion or high rise luxury building to make ourselves look cooler, wealthier, or more interesting than we really are.

We’re shooting from our home offices in Split, Croatia and Valencia, Spain. 

Why the heck should I listen to you? Who are you?

We’re Andrei Zinkevich and Vladimir Blagojevic, with 30 combined years of experience in B2B marketing and sales, working with 100+ B2B companies across the globe.

Andrei is also the founder of B2B Marketers & Founders community and an author of a LinkedIn B2B Marketing book (awarded as the best B2B marketing ebook and was included to 100 Best B2B Marketing Books of All Time by Bookauthority).

Vlad’s been rated 4,74/5 by 50 verified B2B tech and service companies with long and complex sales cycles over the last 5 years.
We are using LinkedIn daily to develop our business and are helping clients leverage LinkedIn in different industries. We are marketers in the trenches.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

for 30-Days

If what you see is not what you expected, just reply to the download email

within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Thanks for reading,
Andrei and Vlad