In this case study, I’ll dive into the behind-the-scenes details of a demand generation strategy for software development company Postindustria that generated:

  • 9 enterprise qualified sales opportunities
  • 3 new contracts with 10x ACV (annual contract value)

But aside from the revenue results, they gained way more important benefits for their business:

  • A proven and effective process they are replicating now in another vertical to scale revenue
  • Unique positioning and recognizable brand in the AdTech vertical that helps them step out from the competition on the overcrowded software development market
  • Powerful network and connections that are generating inbound opportunities for them.

Stage 1: ABM strategy to grow revenue by 50%

Before working with us, Postindustria was growing through referrals and could offer competitive rates. As the market evolved, prices went up, the company grew and was eventually acquired by a larger business.

Their new target was to grow revenue by 50% comparing to the previous year.

To meet the ambitious target in a changing market, the company asked us to develop a new go-to-market strategy with a more scalable way of acquiring the new businesses.

Step 1: Narrowing down the target market and positioning

Before we started working together, Postindustria operated in a broad and highly competitive market of software development. It’s extremely hard to stand out in the marketplace with such a generic positioning, so we decided to narrow it down to two axes:

  • Target segment: we started by analyzing their best customers and identified Ad Tech as the most profitable segment
  • Expertise area: we decided to narrow down our positioning to mobile bidding expertise and mobile SDK development

Note that while the company was able to provide different solutions to various industries, the narrow target segment and positioning enabled us to get much higher response rates and eventually win much larger contracts (10X of the previous ACV).

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Step 2: The ABM pilot campaign and the black swan event

Initially, we decided to launch an account-based marketing campaign to prospect and generate sales opportunities with strategic accounts from AdTech.

The first step was to set up a small-scoped pilot campaign to see the market feedback and identify what should be improved in our message.

Short note:

Small-scoped campaigns are crucial because if you are doing ABM for the first time, mistakes are inevitable.

You need to identify how your message resonates with strategic accounts, what are the objections and concerns, what are the disqualification criteria you’d consider when building a list of target campaigns.

After several iterations, you’ll have a good scalable process.

Coming back to the ABM campaign.

We worked together with Postindustria on account selection and disqualification criteria, trained the team on account list building, and account research.

Next step was preparing personalized pitches to every buying committee member from strategic accounts when the first Covid-19 lockdown happened across the US.

We had to pause the campaign and needed to quickly develop an alternative strategy to generate sales-qualifie